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Stephen M. Strittmatter

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Stephen Strittmatter is Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology, and Professor of Neuroscience at Yale University School of Medicine and Director of the Yale Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center. He has conceived, overseen and commercialized the discovery and development of therapeutic pharmaceuticals to treat traumatic spinal cord injury and Alzheimer's disease.  Steve has founded several biotech companies based on the seminal discoveries made in his lab about the molecular mechanisms of disease and has served on the Scientific Advisory Boards of multiple biopharmaceutical companies.  As co-founder, he brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to ProteoWise.

Mikhail Kostylev


Dr. Kostylev rose from Graduate Student to Research Faculty Member at Yale University, where he developed the technological advancements upon which ProteoWise is based.  

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G. Thomas Roth

Chief Technical Officer

A veteran of multiple biotech instrument companies, Tom oversaw the successful development of the Personal Genome Machine (PGM) as VP of Engineering at Ion Torrent, and the Genome Sequencer FLX instrument at 454 Life Sciences.  Tom brings to ProteoWise his proven track record of building new technologies from concept through feasibility and into mass production and worldwide launch. Equally adept at managing programs and groups of any size as at technical contributions, he is well prepared to develop the core, novel technologies of ProteoWise as well as all of the supporting technologies required to bring the technology to market (electronics, fluidics, software, mechanics, systems, and instrumentation).  

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Erik Gunther

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gunther left his Research Faculty position at Yale University School of Medicine to launch ProteoWise, driven by years of frustration with the current state of the art in proteomic science, and a deep sense of compassion for biological researchers who must contend with those limitations throughout their careers. With Dr. Mikhail Kostylev, he pioneered the ProteoWise foundational technology, with the goal of easing biological bench work and accelerating the conduct of biomedical science.